After Killing 2 People, Woman Laughs, Plays Dumb, Asks About Her Car, School


This month, a 10th Circuit Court judge sentenced a Farmington woman who pleaded guilty to killing two pedestrians while driving drunk last April to 14 years in prison, reports Yahoo. After killing them, she laughed, sang, played dumb, and never asked about the victims.

“Our system is based on punishment and rehabilitation,” said Judge Tim Cusack on Thursday as he sentenced Stephanie Melgoza, 24, on two counts of aggravated DUI and two counts of aggravated reckless driving. “I have to balance those two. What is the appropriate punishment in order to deter other people, and what is the rehabilitative quality of the person that’s being sentenced?”

Melgoza pleaded guilty in February to the four felony charges. Four lesser charges were dismissed in exchange for the guilty plea.

According to reports from the East Peoria Police Department, Melgoza struck and killed Andrea Rosewicz, 43, of Avon, Ohio, and Paul Prowant, 55, of Seattle, near the Full Throttle bar in East Peoria.

The Hearing

During Thursday’s hearing, Melgoza expressed deep remorse over her decision to drink and drive and the fatal results of that decision.

“I’m so sorry for everything, and I will never, ever commit anything like that again,” she said. “I have not drank since that day. I do not plan on drinking ever again. I want to try to do something positive to make a difference, speak out about this and warn others about the dangers that come with drinking.”

The Night of the Killings

The night of the killings, Ms. Melgoza showed no remorse. She was drunk – 2.64 – but was very concerned about her car and getting to school. She never asked about the victims. it’s shocking.

Watch her reaction that night after killing two people whose families were devastated.

Full Video of the happy killer:

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