NY Bans Gas, Other Fossil Fuels in Most New Homes and Buildings


On May 2nd, the New York legislature passed a state budget that bans natural gas and other fossil fuels in most new homes and buildings.

Individual cities or counties cannot overrule it but give special exemptions to manufacturing facilities, restaurants, hospitals, and carwashes.

Republicans plan to sue, pointing to a 9th circuit court of Appeals ruling that undid a similar ban in Berkley, California.

The massive win for climate extremists puts New York as the first state in the country to initiate such a ban.

The Washington Post report:

Late Tuesday, the New York legislature approved a $229 billion state budget that will ban natural gas hookups and other fossil fuels in most new homes and other construction, a major victory for climate activists. The move, which will likely face a court challenge from the fossil fuel industry, will serve as a test of states’ power to ban fossil fuels outright rather than simply encouraging developers to build low-carbon buildings.

The law effectively requires all-electric heating and cooking in new buildings shorter than seven stories by 2026 and in 2029 for taller buildings. And although it allows exemptions for manufacturing facilities, restaurants, hospitals, and even carwashes, the measure does not do what some climate activists had feared: give cities and counties license to override the ban.

They think this will force alternative energy in even though it’s nowhere near ready.

Remember how the Left, including Morning Joe, insisted it was a conspiracy theory to say they would ban gas stoves?

The Manhattan Contrarian writes:

It’s obvious to any person with the faculty of critical thinking that intermittent renewable “green” energy will never work to power a modern economy. So as various U.S. states and foreign countries press forward on their crash programs to go fully “green” with their electricity generation, the next obvious question immediately arises: who will be first to hit the green energy “wall”? That is, which state or country will be the first to find that without enough reliable generation its electricity system no longer works? And how will that impact the population?

The contrarian examines what similar efforts have done to California and Germany. Go here to find out what it has done to South Africa. In short, it makes poor people poorer.

As Syracuse.com writes, this is only the beginning, and it will get worse. They plan to push us into 100% electrification. They will go further and find a way to redistribute the wealth, i.e., have the state provide subsidies. More people will flee New York.

Syracuse.com says the grid will face challenges [the challenge is it can’t handle all of these homes and cars on electric only]. They add that the cost will end up in electric bills with subsidies [aka. wealth redistribution].

Nationally, the Left is also destroying trains too. They plan to ban non-electric trains.

Clearly, there will be expensive lawsuits.

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