After letting rioters run wild, MN gov wants tax $$$ to cover $500m in damages


After forcing police to flee their station house and tying their hands as rioters looted, broke store windows, set fires to buildings and cars, the Governor of Minnesota wants President Trump to declare Minnesota a state disaster area. He wants federal taxpayer money to cover over $500 million in damages from the riots they failed to properly control. In all fairness, he did finally call up the National Guard and the real problem was Mayor Frey and the city council in Minneapolis. However, it got way out of control before any action was taken.

At the same time, Minneapolis is trying to replace the police, starting with hiring unarmed social worker types to go on allegedly non-violent calls.

They’re a bad investment, and shouldn’t they pay for their own bad policies?

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz on July 2 asked President Donald Trump to declare a state of disaster due to the “extensive fire damage to public infrastructure caused by civil unrest” following the death of George Floyd.

The governor also requested financial support from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to help the state rebuild following the extensive damage.


In his statement on Thursday, Gov. Walz said more than $15 million of eligible damages related directly to the fires, a preliminary damage assessment found, while nearly 1,500 businesses in the Twin Cities were damaged by vandalism, fire, or looting. Walz estimates the cost of damages currently exceeds $500 million.

“We’re asking our federal partners to step up and help our communities recover,” Governor Walz said in a statement. “We need to come together to ensure Minnesotans who were victims of this destruction have access to critical infrastructure they need so they can go to the grocery store, pick up their medication, and live their lives.

“Together, we will rebuild,” he said. Nice slogan.

Everybody wants money from federal taxpayers.



  1. ABOVE images, (and THEN the worthless LEADERSHIP), and FINALLY the willingness to beg for resources
    that they DO NOT DESERVE, (due to their UTTER lack of CONTROLLING the MOB);

    ALL OF THIS REVEALS THE DemWITZ self-orientation, [just as DURKUN ] towards being POPULAR so as to gain the 3 ONLY PRINCIPLES that DemWITZ live by: CONTROL, POWER, & $$$$[LOTS of} $$$$!!!!

    THIS IS A PERFECT EXAMPLE of the nefarious mentality of DemWITZ — who WILLINGLY allow the G.P. to SUFFER & LOOSE everything, while the LIARS, CHEATS, & THIEVES, {MARXIST & COMMIES}, live in their “WONDER-WORLD”!!!

    IT’S TIME TO RE-READ George Orwell’s Book: “1984”, (which exposes the POLITICIANS CLEARLY)!!

    AND to PREpare!!!

  2. Fuck Frey, he can appeal to the ANTIFA terrorist’s , they have enough money or can get it from their Hollywood snowflake sponsers.

  3. Minnesota’s disaster is the Democrats running the state and the stupid voters who elected them. No amount of money can fix that so don’t even try.

  4. Good grief these useless liberals have balls. They have no shame and will turn around and blame Trump for their incompetence. I agree with the above let them hit up the Marxist terrorists and their evil backers.

  5. Everybody go to Trump’s twitter @realdonaldtrump and tell him NOOOOO to all the Dem states that will come begging!!! They let this shat happen and enabled it so let them figure it out! No red state taxpayer dollars to the lowlifes.

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