After the 15th Round, It’s Speaker McCarthy


Kevin McCarthy won the Speakership in the 15th round this evening. He went through fire for it, and if he holds to his promises, we can expect good governance. Maybe Congress realizes that we don’t like them and are fed up with their ways.

It was the longest speaker battle since 1853.

After the 14th vote, Gaetz approached McCarthy and said something that encouraged him to vote again last night. Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ), Rep. Bob Good (R-VA), Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL), Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO), Rep. Eli Crane (R-AZ), and Rep. Matt Rosendale (R-MT) all voted present.

McCarthy learns he is Speaker of the House, second in line to the President, after the 15th vote.

After 14 failures, McCarthy finally crossed the finish line with a vote of 216-Jeffries’ 212 with six voting present, including Boebert and Gaetz. Once six agreed to vote present, McCarthy could win with 216. Voting present reduces the total number needed to win.

Members of the Freedom Caucus took away the dictatorial powers from an overreaching Speakership and gave it back to the people. It is the People’s House. Nancy Pelosi ran it like a dictatorship and a rubber stamp for her extremist platform. The Republican Speakers before her weren’t much better.

The people who changed the course of events were: Andy Biggs, AZ; Dan Bishop, NC; Lauren Boebert, CO; Michael Cloud, TX; Andrew Clyde, GA; Matt Gaetz, FL; Bob Good, VA; Paul Gosar, AZ; Matt Gaetz, FL; Andy Harris, MD; Mary Miller, IL; Ralph Norman, SC; Scott Perry, PA; Matt Rosendale, MT; Chip Roy, TX; Byron Donalds, FL; Josh Brecheen, OK; Eli Crane, AZ; Andy Ogles, TN; Anna Paulina Luna, F;, and Keith Self, TX.

  • Single member vote to oust the Speaker
  • Hold votes on border security and term limits
  • Freedom Caucus members on the rules committee
  • Pro-McCarthy PAC stays out of “safe” primary races
  • Form a select committee on the weaponization of the DOJ (Allow a “church style” committee)
  • Propose single-subject bills without irrelevant nonsense
  • A budget that stops the increase in the debt ceiling and holds the Senate accountable.
  • 72 hours to read a bill before going to the floor (we’ve heard that one before)
  • Reveal salaries of government officials.
  • End emergency funding and all COVID mandates and funding.

At one point after the 14th vote, Kevin McCarthy went up to lobby Gaetz. Watch someone restrain Mike Rogers in the clip below. He should never be in charge of anything, IMHO. Neither should Dan Crenshaw.

After that, Gaetz seemed to make a deal with McCarthy and the six courageous members. They agreed to vote present in the 15th round.

Restraining Crazy Mike

Maybe 21 people made him a much better Speaker. If he follows in Lincoln’s footsteps, as he suggests below, we will be in good shape, but he should start by getting us out of Ukraine. His speech about Washington’s battle and the painting of that night were inspirational. Let’s hope he follows through.

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