These Are the People Our Leaders Are Inviting Into the Country


Border Patrol agents caught 12 illegal immigrants in November whose names popped up on the terrorism watchlist, according to new data revealed this week by the Department of Homeland Security.

85,000 anonymous people waiting in Tijauna alone to enter the country.

That’s up from nine terrorism suspects nabbed in October and brings the total to 21 through the first two months of the fiscal year.

That is well above the pace of last year, which set a record with 98 terrorism suspects arrested.

These are the people Biden, and the rest of the Democrats and RINOs are inviting into the country.

Let’s not forget the cartels. We are inviting them in also, and they hate us. They’re killing our fellow Americans with fentanyl from China.

The cartels are at war with the military in Mexico over the arrest of El Chapo’s son. They’re fighting for cash and influence. President Labrador is a mouthpiece for the cartels.


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