After the Primary, Pence Is Confident Trump Won’t Be the Nominee


When asked why he raised his hand during the first GOP debate to say he’d support former President Trump in 2024, former Vice President @Mike_Pence says, “I’ll support the Republican nominee.” He adds that he’s “more confident” after the debate that Trump will not be the nominee.

Why is he confident? The polls don’t indicate that. Is he hoping for a prison sentence, or maybe he’ll be shot?

Ramaswamy said if he had been in Pence’s position, he would have pushed “reforms” through Congress before he certified the election.

“Here’s what I would have said: ‘We need single-day voting on Election Day, we need paper ballots and we need government- issued ID matching the voter file.’ And if we achieve that, then we have achieved victory and we should not have any further complaint about election integrity. I would have driven it through the Senate,” he said.

“In my capacity as president of the Senate, I would have led through that level of reform, then on that condition certified the election results, served it up to the president — President Trump — then to sign that into law. And on January 7th, declared the re-election campaign pursuant to a free and fair election,” he said. “I think that was a missed opportunity.”

The problem with Ramaswamy’s idea is it begins the process of putting elections in the hands of the Congress instead of the states.

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