AG Barr dismissed Trump’s comments as s ‘deposed king ranting’ – allegedly


A source for the fake news outlet CNN said that Attorney General Bill Barr had compared Donald Trump’s attacks on him as a “deposed king ranting.” Allegedly, he commented after the president raised the possibility of firing him.

On Saturday, the president described his attorney general as a “big disappointment” on Twitter after it emerged that the Department of Justice had begun an investigation into Hunter Biden’s taxes as early as 2018. That was kept secret.

Many believe it to be a security risk. The Bidens are tight with China.

That tweet isn’t much of a rant.

According to a Wall Street Journal report, Mr. Barr was aware of a federal investigation into the president-elect’s son’s tax and business records for a year. Still, he worked to keep it quiet during the election.

Barr appears to think it would have politicized the election, but critics say the Bidens are too close to corruption and the Chinese Communist Party.

Mr. Barr told a source that he was not “intimidated” by the president’s attacks, CNN alleges.

“Barr cannot be intimidated by Trump. This is the real story. None of this matters – it’s the deposed king ranting. Irrelevant to the course of justice and to Trump’s election loss,” the source said on Saturday.

The source described the relationship between Mr. Trump and Mr. Barr as “a Cold War.”

Mr. Barr has said that the presidential election was not rigged. There is a lot of evidence that it was and he himself described mail-in balloting as essentially corrupt. The electoral college will certify the election results today.

Barr said mail-in voting is “playing with fire.”

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