AG Garland Launches Lawfare Campaign to Turn Texas Blue


Merrick Garland is engaging in Lawfare on behalf of the Biden Regime by suing Texas over their redistricting map. He hasn’t sued Illinois, California, or New York where they are redistricting Republicans out of existence. Clearly, Garland is joining the Biden Regime in attempting to turn Texas blue using non-white residents.

DOJ officials claim that the number of Blacks and Hispanics has increased and the new redistricting dilutes their numbers. They claim the redistricting map violates federal law.

It’s more than likely it’s Democrat plans for total control that are hampered. The Democrats always use race to take on these cases, not because it’s legitimate, but because race intimidates some judges or serves as a great excuse for others.

The issue revolves around the Supreme Court ruling that federal courts do not have the power to rule on redistricting. This allows Democrats to go to state district courts that favor Democrats. It can, however, be appealed right up to the Texas Supreme Court. That court still favors Republicans.

Democrats will never stop wasting tax dollars on lawsuits in their quest for total Stalinist power.

Attorney General Merrick Garland said, “The department’s career voting law experts have assessed Texas’s new redistricting plans and determined that they include districts that violate the Voting Rights Act.”

Obviously, Garland doesn’t like the new redistricting map that Governor Abbott signed into law in October.

“Our complaint today alleges that the redistricting plans approved by the Texas state legislature and signed into law by the governor will deny black and Latino voters an equal opportunity to participate in the voting process and to elect representatives of their choice in violation of the Voting Rights Act,” said Associate Attorney General Vanita Gupta. “Our complaint also alleges that several of those districts were drawn with discriminatory intent.”

Senator Hawley pointed out the obvious, that if Garland cared about gerrymandering, they would sue Illinois. Garland “should resign in disgrace.” [He won’t because he wants a totalitarian Democrat regime.]

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1 year ago

Merrick Garland is dangerous as an AG, at least he’s not on the Supreme Court. I have problems with much of the Voting Rights Act since the Constitution leaves voting to the States. If you don’t like how the State or County you live in does things than move, I did! I’m tied of the Federal Government sticking their nose where it don’t belong and Spending Money The People would never authorize at will.