‘Black Cary Grant’ Smollett Sounds Crazy on the Stand


Jussie Smollett took the stand again today and is under cross-examination. There are no cameras in the courtroom so we have to wait until the end of the day to get the information.

Yesterday, Smollett tried to blame law enforcement and the Nigerian Osundairo brothers for the crime, claiming once again that it wasn’t a hoax. If you will remember the trial opened with the prosecution showing the trial run of the hoax.

Smollett said he didn’t call the police after his attack because as a Black man, he doesn’t trust the police.

He also claimed that on the night of the attack, one of the Osundairo brothers called him and told him he needed to eat some eggs in order to keep up with his meal plan. That’s allegedly why he went to a nearby Walgreen’s and a Subway so late on a frigid night.

Smollett had sexual encounters with one of the Osundairo brothers, he said, and one of the brothers also provided him with drugs. That contradicts the testimony of one of the brothers.

The hoaxer said he has a scar under one of his eyes because of an injury from that night. However, the Northwestern doctor who examined him after the ‘attack’ said he had no known injuries.

Smollett somehow didn’t recognize the two tall Nigerian brothers who were giving him drugs and sex as they attacked him — amazing!!! Is Smollett crazy? We think so.

The trial could be over by Wednesday.

When Jussie first spoke with the public about this attack, he suggested we would have to be racists to not believe him. Smollett is blaming everyone. It strains credulity. In fact, no one in the world could believe what he is saying.

Yesterday, Smollett also testified about how important his face was to his career.


“My character was a superstar, a pop star, a beloved GQ whatever,” he said. “It was very important that I looked like Black Cary Grant, not beat down.”

Prosecutors have framed a text from Smollett to Abimbola for help “on the low” as a request to help stage the attack. Smollett on the stand is saying it was in fact a request for those herbal steroids, which are illegal in the U.S.

When Smollett complained to Abimbola that he tends to gain weight in his face and stomach, Abimbola told him about an herbal steroid he could get him in Nigeria. “He said let me know if you need it on the low,” Smollett said.

If only there were cameras in the courtroom.

If it wasn’t for the skin color, how could you tell them apart? [irony here]

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