J6 Agent Provocateurs-Who Handed Out Weapons-Were Never Charged


“I don’t understand why every single Republican member of the House isn’t participating in this (press conference today on the J6 prisoners). Nearly a year after the opening of DC Gulag, only a handful of GOP congressmen have paid any attention to the plight of these political prisoners…”

~ Julie Kelly

In this clip, attorney Joseph McBride, who is representing several J6 rioters/paraders, says he identified at least four agent provocateurs. These instigators are in touch with the Justice Department and encouraged the crowd to break the law on J6, but they have never been charged. There are others. They are on tape but the Justice Department won’t release the videos of them in action.

One is clearly law enforcement, interacting with other law enforcement. He passed out mace and other weapons like hammers and sledgehammers to the crowd.

Mr. McBride implores the politicians to help him find out who these people are because “our democracy is at stake.”

The tapes are being withheld because the government doesn’t want the public to see the truth, he says. He is trying to get the tapes released and the NY Times signed on to his lawsuit.

One woman was beaten brutally and another woman was beaten and died (Roseanne Boyland). Mr. McBride said the police brutality was severe. Ashli Babbitt was murdered and she was not an insurrectionist. He wants to know more about the brutal treatment by the police.

He wants the tapes no matter what they show. Mr. McBride told people to go to Patriot Freedom Project to help.


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1 year ago

The so called Insurrection was Staged by the Democrats and the Deep State. We are living under an illegal Government that stole an election. Once we get back control of the Government, everyone involved with the Steal needs to be bought to justice. Stealing a Presidential Election is Treason. The Democrats have clearly done this twice in my lifetime. This time those responsible MUST BE Tried and once convicted hanged. We need to put an end to DEMOCRAT PARTY election stealing in the United States of America.

1 year ago
Reply to  GuvGeek

GuvGeek – The Cartels, The industries of Government Healthcare, Media, and others, are one big networked monopoly that runs on Money flow, A corrupt fiat system that is out of control. There is no representation, Just power plays,
In a perfect World, Compensatory funding and lobbying should be illegal.
Once upon a time… Long long ago… Our Constitution did not allow representatives to represent geographies that could benefit their own interests. Today we can acknowledge international influential networking for profit is happening, It will take many centuries of human evolution to establish a equity system of regulation that isn’t counter productive.

1 year ago

Gee no wonder why the DOJ won’t release 10,000 hours of video tape

Tim Kuehl
1 year ago

With the criminal contempt of Congress charge against Steve Bannon all the evidence the FBI, DOJ and Congress itself is hiding about Jan 6 will have to come out in disclosure. But I’m betting our disgusting current government will claim this is all classified information so will try to deny Bannon’s Constitutional rights and the federal judge Pelosi will (illegally) be able to pick for the case will allow them to get away with it. All I can say about any of this is lawsuits and true criminal charges against the DOJ and FBI hierarchy along with Pelosi and others in Congress need to go forward once Democrats are out of power.

John Vieira
John Vieira
1 year ago
Reply to  Tim Kuehl

“…once Democrats are out of power.” 2020 is not on your side and at the rate ‘they’ are progressing under cover of Covid ( Psych Ops spearheaded by the traitorous MSM) and the detraction of the ‘feeble minded role’ being feigned by the ‘fraud’… 2022…and thereafter…is not in your favour…