TX AG Sues Pfizer- Everything They Told You About the Vaccine Was a Lie


Attorney General Ken Paxton is suing Pfizer for misrepresenting COVID-19 and conspiring to censor public discourse.

He wrote: Pfizer engaged in false, deceptive, and misleading acts and practices by making unsupported claims regarding the company’s COVID-19 vaccine in violation of the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act.

From Ken Paxton’s November 30, 2023 Press Release:

“The facts are clear. Pfizer did not tell the truth about their COVID-19 vaccines. Whereas the Biden Administration weaponized the pandemic to force illegal public health decrees on the public and enrich pharmaceutical companies, I will use every tool I have to protect our citizens who were misled and harmed by Pfizer’s actions.”

“We are pursuing justice for the people of Texas, many of whom were coerced by tyrannical vaccine mandates to take a defective product sold by lies.”

The legal complaint focuses on Pfizer’s claim that its vaccine was “95% effective” and argues that Pfizer’s claim of 95% vaccine effectiveness is misleading, as it relies on relative risk reduction instead of the FDA’s preferred metric, absolute risk reduction, which would show an effectiveness of only 0.85%.

“Pfizer fostered a misleading impression that vaccine protection was durable and withheld from the public information that undermined its claims about the duration of protection. And, despite the fact that its clinical trial failed to measure whether the vaccine protects against transmission, Pfizer embarked on a campaign to intimate the public into getting the vaccine as a necessary measure to protect their loved ones.”

And when the vaccine’s failure “became apparent” Pfizer silenced critics:

“How did Pfizer respond when it became apparent that its vaccine was failing and the viability of its cash cow under threat? By intimidating those spreading the truth, and by conspiring to censor the vaccine’s critics. Pfizer labeled as “criminals” those who spread facts about the vaccine. It accused them of spreading “misinformation.” And it coerced social media platforms to silence prominent truth-tellers.”

“… COVID-19 cases increased after widespread vaccine administration, and some areas saw a greater % of deaths from COVID-19 among the vaccinated population than the unvaccinated. When failure of its product became apparent, Pfizer then pivoted to silencing truth-tellers.”

“More Americans died in 2021, with Pfizer’s vaccine available, than in 2020, the first year of the pandemic.”

The full, 54-page complaint. “The COVID-19 vaccines are the miracle that wasn’t.”

We should also include the FDA & CDC in the lawsuit for confirming Pfizer’s lies.


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2 months ago

Its great that he’s suing but who gets any monetary damages awarded in the lawsuit?