AG Sessions Will Not Lift the Gag Order from Witness to Russian Bribery Plot


A witness has been kept from testifying to the Russian bribery and money laundering plot orchestrated by the highest levels in the Russian government to gain control of the U.S. energy market. It is a deal that became very lucrative for the Clintons. A gag order was placed on the witness during the Obama administration. It’s a new administration but it seems like nothing has changed. Attorney General Jeff Sessions will not lift the gag order on the witness.

Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer said about the situation, “There’s nothing legally holding this guy back except this so-called agreement.” The witness’s attorney is adamant that the witness has the goods critical for Congress to do its “appropriate oversight role.”

Dobbs doesn’t understand why Sessions would be against it. “I don’t understand why Jeff Sessions, the Attorney General of the Trump Justice Department isn’t lifting that non-disclosure right now and freeing this informant to tell the Judiciary Committee, the Intelligence Committees and indeed, the American people everything he knows about what is, appears to be, one of the or the most extraordinary cover ups in this country’s history.”

If Donald Trump had the connections to the Russians that the Clintons have, he would have been impeached and possibly imprisoned by now.

The House Intelligence Committee is investigating but will they get any information that they request? They won’t be able to hear from this witness unless someone overrules Sessions or Sessions changes the ruling.

Another oddity during the time of the Uranium One deal involved Bill Clinton.

As the Obama administration was deciding whether or not to go ahead with the Uranium One deal, Bill Clinton sought to gain clearance from the State Department to meet with a key board director of the Russian nuclear energy firm Rosatom — which at the time needed the Obama administration’s approval for a controversial uranium deal, government records show, The Hill reported.

Permission was denied but why did he want to meet with a Russian nuclear official?

Then there was the time Hillary Clinton helped return 10 Russian spies to Russia before they were questioned in the States.

In June 2010 as the nuclear deal that enriched Bill Clinton and The Clinton Foundation was going down, the FBI busted a ring of Russian spies after 10 years of undercover work. Hillary Clinton rushed to get the spies back to Russia in exchange before the FBI could turn any of the spies. She got nothing in return.

The spies were specifically targeting Hillary Clinton. Her team said they never got close to her.

Hillary, for her part, didn’t want leverage, she wanted the problem to go away. The story broke the day before Clinton was slated to give his $500,000 speech to a Russian state-controlled bank.

Additionally, Circa reporter Sara Carter reveals APCO Worldwide Inc., a consulting firm with ties to the Clinton family, lobbied on behalf of Russian nuclear giant TENEX in relation to the Uranium One deal.

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