Bill O’Reilly: Media’s Purpose Is “to Divide the Country in a Hateful way”.


Bill O’Reilly said there are two major stories this week and both point to the corruption in the media. Glenn Beck added corruption is also rife in the government. The government is not following the constraints of the Constitution and there is no way to defend oneself.

The United States government wouldn’t do anything for anyone at any time, O’Reilly said, characterizing his expectations.

O’Reilly asked Beck, How do you run a democracy (Republic) if 80% to 90% of the media wants to destroy the President of the United States? The both explored the “set up” in which the family of the late Green Beret La David Johnson alerted the congresswoman Frederica Wilson — who hates Trump — to the phone call coming the next day. Wilson then listened to the conversation on a car speakerphone as she sat in the limo Yet Wilson claims she only heard part of the conversation.

It was not only a possible set up but she might have lied about only overhearing part of the conversation.

That is the first story.

The second story is the media savaged Trump based on this one woman’s story, without knowing the facts, and they once again used it “to divide the country in a hateful way”. “This media we have now is as corrupt as any time in our Republic”, he added.

It’s off the charts from the newspapers to the television to the Internet, O’Reilly said.

Beck asked O’Reilly if he sees any way out with this corrupt media. He  said he doesn’t.

The media’s purpose is to destroy people.

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