AGA Challenges Administration for Targeting 60% of Gas Furnaces


Biden wants to put our whole appliance sector in the hands of unelected bureaucrats,

~ Rep. Bill Johnson

The Biden administration, run by Obama aides, is attempting to take your appliances away and electrify everything. They want to destroy your way of life for a grossly exaggerated cause with no advantages, except they get to centralize authority in our Big Government. They now have a challenge to their mindless mandates.

The fire burns from a gas burner inside the boiler.

The natural gas industry is suing the Biden administration over regulations targeting gas-powered residential furnaces. Biden runs the country with executive orders, regulations, guidance memos, and rulemaking. It’s what a dictator does. Using rules, he will impact more than half of all US households.

The American Gas Association (AGA) has taken the lead in filing suit.  AGA provides natural gas to more than 74 million customers nationwide. Joined by trade associations and one manufacturer, they filed a legal challenge late Monday against the Department of Energy over the regulations, which were finalized in late September. The lawsuit claims that the agency’s action effectively bans the sale of a large number of furnaces enjoyed by consumers. They have attempted to work with the Department of Energy to discuss the rule’s profound impacts, but about 114 pages of comments have been ignored.

“This ruling from DOE will push American families with natural gas heat into a corner. When their furnace goes out, they’ll be forced to choose between retrofitting for electricity with the increased month-to-month utility bills that entail or engaging in a costly and time-consuming renovation to retrofit their home for a completely different type of natural gas furnace, Said the HGA president and CEO Karen Harbert.

She said households and businesses will be saddled with increased costs with little environmental gain.

The regulations are to go into effect in 2028.

The Mandates

The regulations mandate furnaces achieve an efficiency of 95%. It takes the noncondensing gas furnaces off the market even though that’s what some people can afford. They’re much cheaper.

AGA estimates that the regulations would remove up to 60% of current residential furnaces. It would lead to higher costs for 30% of senior households, 27% of small businesses, and 26% of low-income households.

The super-wealthy DOE secretary Jennifer Granholm defends it by saying the more efficient the appliance, the lower the cost. That has not held true. She made up a figure, claiming it will save $570 billion.

Do you really want to be controlled by these people?

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Sick of it all
Sick of it all
2 months ago

For those who live on Long Island in the once great state of NY, their electric company is raising rates by $20.00 a month. Most likely to pay for the offshore wind farms.