Eric Adam Has One Word to Describe the Year: New York


Tim Miller asked New York Mayor Eric Adams to describe the year in one word.

“Mr. Mayor, we’ve come to the end of what was a very eventful 2023, right? So, when you look at the totality of the year, if you had to describe it, and it’s tough to do in one word, what would that word be, and tell me why?

“New York. This is a place where every day you wake up you could experience everything, from a plane crashing into our Trade Center to a person who’s celebrating a new business that’s open. This is a very, very complicated city, and that’s why it’s the greatest city on the globe.”

So, where do you start with this one?

“New” and “York” equals two words. The World Trade Center attack doesn’t make us “the greatest city on the globe.”

Curtis Sliwa calls him “Swaggerman with no plan” – that about covers it.

He should never speak extemporaneously because he’s _____. You fill in the blank.

Don’t worry. HuffPo is on it, trying to protect him, saying he didn’t mean the state was great because a plane crashed into a building. We get that, but who voted for this man?

In the next clip, he’s calling for an insurrection. If he wants them to march patriotically and peacefully and fight like Hell, he could be prosecuted.

To be fair, Adams is telling the truth and blaming DC [the truly guilty parties are in DC]. That’s a breath of fresh air.

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