Mayor Johnson Says Gov. Abbott’s Attacking the Country


Mayor Brandon Johnson, who supports open borders and runs a sanctuary city, wants Texas to keep the illegal crossers piling in. Somehow, he didn’t realize that sanctuary cities are supposed to keep them in their cities and take care of them. Poor dear mustn’t have understood. He thought only red states, non-sanctuary cities have to give sanctuary.

“The issue is not just how we respond in the city of Chicago,” Brandon Johnson said. “It’s the fact that we have a governor, a governor, an elected official in the state of Texas that is placing families on buses, without shoes, cold, wet, tired, hungry, afraid, traumatized, and then they come to the city of Chicago where we have homelessness. We have mental health clinics that have been shut down and closed. You have people who are seeking employment. The governor of Texas needs to take a look in the mirror of the chaos that he is causing for this country. This is not just a Chicago dynamic; he is attacking our country.”

Yeah, so, Brandon, that would be Joe Biden and his handlers, not Gov. Abbott. Gov. Abbott isn’t a sanctuary city, and Chicago is. He’s sending them to the city where they can get those shoes, and food, and five-star hotels.

Does anyone remember all the trouble Sheriff Arpaio got in with Barack Obama’s DOJ and his wingman Eric Holder? He put the illegal crossers, many of them criminals, in tents and then got them deported. The left’s outcry then was how cruel he was to put them in tents in sunny Arizona.

Well, now, in Chicago and New York, they end up taking housing from the poor and homeless Americans, or they are on the street. Mayor Eric Adams’ latest brilliant move was to put them in a mudhole at Floyd Bennet Field. They get rained out, but Adams assures us the tents are secure. Adams says all’s well.

Illegal crossers deserve it, but it is a rained-out mudhole most of the time.

The mudhole isn’t the answer, but the answer is staring her in the face – deport them!!!

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2 months ago

I just wrote this lengthy yet informative comment in another Indy Sentinel thread. So hope that mods don’t mind, I’m going to copy paste it back into this thread as well. Thanks.

There are possibly 20 million illegal invaders having crossed our borders in the past few years. The truth is nobody knows.
What they will refuse to talk about is the coordinated NGO companies (non governmental organizations) like the Red Cross and a myriad of other scheming enterprises and their corrupt managers, whom are making a literal fortune facilitating this migration in areas like The Darrian Gap. We could simply cut off their funding and arrest the company heads for racketeering and embezzlement, but that’s simply too easy and too effective for the bozos in washington dc.
Then we could move on to how much money is being skimmed as ‘processing fees’ by the banksters whom also play a hand in this migration debacle. As they’re likely claiming a 15% surcharge on every single credit card and/or pile of cash that is actively issued to the migrants to facilitate their journey and settlement in the US or beyond. The reported figures are all over the board but we know for a fact they’re handing out a minimum of $3k and cellular phones with pre programmed apps and encrypted messaging systems to help the migrants know where to go, and when to cross. Some of the figures are much higher at $90k per family for just the first year.
To those selling out our country with open border policies the reasoning is simple. Profit. Take those millions of migrants multiplied by the amounts of the subsidies granted, and then keep 15% of all the money, plus an additional several million if not billions of dollars, for the NGO operational and management fees. Unchecked migration is a money making scheme, they’re all getting rich, which is why they are slow walking the issue and not actually doing anything effective. We do not have comptent leadership in this country. They are almost all of them in clear violation of their oaths of offices, presenting clear and present dangers to this country and our national security.
Additionally, there is an ongoing financial incentive to constantly increase the amount of subsidies provided, grow the scope and size of the NGO companies, and increase the migrant count. Because every one of them that steps over the border is a dollar sign. Cha Ching! More people, more profit. Their mission is already accomplished, that’s what most people whom are captivated by propaganda mainstream news fail to recognize. Only until we arrest these people whom facilitated this, and take all their assets and money away, only then will institutional corrections which bring lasting relief actually be possible. The ‘stay in mexico’ policies, although they read well and worked partially, were nowhere near enough in terms of solid lasting solutions. This is embezzlement and racketeering on a massive massive scale. A coordinated conspiracy which has been in the making for decades.
Which is why stories like this although well meaning, are so woefully short of effective journalism. We The People will not accept this slow walking and specific framing of the issue as something we should be patient regarding. It’s time for massive deportations, and time to send the military down to the Darrien Gap to arrest every single NGO manager and worker, then sort things out from there. We could stop this tomorrow, if there was an honest leader within any number of governmental enforcement agencies whom would take these sorts of actions. Apparently they are all corrupt, which is why nothing is being done. So don’t believe your lying eyes when they stand on those podiums and claim they want solutions. The solutions and legal remedies are already in place, the infrastructure, the staff, the funding, the manpower, readily available. They choose not to do anything. We should have a military force at the border right now sending a clear message, not one single more individual is getting across, while we simultaneously engage in mass deportation, while also work on the administrative side to strip all the unearned raked fees from these NGO’s and everyone they worked with.
Here we go again with yet another example of why we should prohibit congress, senate, and judges from having any investments in any company they may even remotely have a hand in ‘regulating’. We the Citizens, stand against Citizens United. They’ll respond by abusing Smith Mundt even more, as we continue to be saturated with state media propaganda to frame the narrative in a way which suits their interests first and foremost with utter and complete disregard for the average American citizen, absolutely guaranteed.
Your pal; Apache Helicopter.