Alan Dershowitz’ brilliant defense of the Constitution


Alan Dershowitz is a distinguished law professor and taught law at Harvard University 53 years ago. The 82-year-old was the youngest full professor at Harvard. The reason for that is he is brilliant, articulate, non-partisan, and just amazing. Compare his mind to that of the younger Joe Biden.

His presentation today was outstanding — historic. You might want to watch the full presentation below, or at least a few clips:


The Full Testimony:

We agree with this Breitbart editor. What say you?



  1. The “demoncraps” have begun to write their obituary…they and their minions in the Main Sewer Stream Fake Media have arrived at the point where they DO BELIEVE their own lies, by repetition, have somehow become truth…and continue on, even their candidates(?) demean themselves by following the failing “blueprint”…..

  2. Clear, concise, and correct. The test now is to observe how the Senate will vote, and to see where those who understand their path and duty stand against the emotional and irrational rabble that has brought mayhem to the floor. Democrats, RINO’s and women will be measured, so who will be found wanting at the bar of history?

  3. That last comment was a laugh riot! He claimed that everyone in the room loved the Constitution!!! Democrats hate the Constitution because it stands between them and power, the only thing which they love.

  4. Demoncraps don’t care about law and order. You just have to hang them. Nobody mentions that. Not even Trump. He won’t even mention the CRIME!

  5. History Classes – wishful thinking. With the Teachers Union being nothing but an arm of the socialist Democrats the school kids are being indoctrinated that Socialism is the panacea for equality.

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