Watch Pam Bondi Devastate the Bidens


President Trump’s defense team went on the offensive Monday against former Vice President Joe Biden as part of its impeachment arguments. They zeroed in on potential corruption involving the Democratic presidential nominee and his son, Hunter Biden.

Former Florida Attorney General Bondi exposed Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, and the Burisma scandal during Monday’s impeachment trial. It was devastating.

She argued for about 30 minutes on the Senate floor that Trump had a legitimate reason for raising the Bidens on his July 25 call with Ukraine’s president.

“You’ve heard from the House managers. They do not believe that there was any concern to raise here. That all of this was baseless,” Bondi said. “And all that we are saying is that there was a basis to talk about this, to raise this issue. And that was enough.”

“We would prefer not to be discussing this,” Bondi said. “But the House managers have placed this squarely at issue, so we must address it.”

Pam Bondi opened her testimony by noting that the Democrats mentioned Burisma and Hunter Biden hundreds of times during their opening arguments last week. She carefully laid out the timeline of events and the reason for the suspicion that they were involved in illicit activities.


There is a lot of evidence, but, even after this, the media is proclaiming the Bidens’ innocence.

For instance, The Hill reported, “While many of the president’s allies have argued that there was some conflict of interest, the former vice president has denied acting with his son’s interests in mind, and there is no evidence of any criminal wrongdoing by either of the Bidens.”

Is that right? Did you see or hear of the investigation that proved that? We didn’t.

Whether the senators knew this before today, we can’t say, but we doubt it.

The former Florida attorney general recently joined the White House communications team to work on messaging, and she’s off to a great start.

Ms. Bondi interspersed her remarks with video clips of news reports and witness testimony about the Bidens.

She walked through evidence dating back several years of corruption at Burisma Holdings, a corrupt Ukrainian gas company that employed Hunter Biden on its board during a time that his father was vice president.


Ms. Bondi played videos of witness testimony from the House proceedings in which former administration officials acknowledged Hunter Biden’s role with Burisma minimally amounted to a conflict of interest.

Defense team member Eric Herschmann followed Bondi with another Biden-focused presentation.

Some Republican senators have raised the specter of subpoenaing one or both of the Bidens to testify in the event that former national security adviser John Bolton provides testimony. It’s unclear if they would have the majority support needed in the full chamber.

The Democrats and a number of Republicans want to give the Democrats their witnesses, but not Republicans.

Watch Ms. Bondi’s full speech:

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