Alan Dershowitz: It’s over, Donald Trump won!


All three Trump attorneys were terrific in presenting the defense today. They were so good, even CNN jumped to commercial to avoid embarrassment as a video of Democrats encouraging violence was shown by Trump attorney David Schoen.

Trump’s lawyers put out montages that destroyed the Democrat argument.

Former Trump aide Jason Miller put out a tweet that read, “Overheard just now at the White House. “We told you jackasses this impeachment would blow up in our faces.!!!”

It really did. Democrats were humiliated.

Harvard Professor Emeritus said on Newsmax today the trial is over and the defense won. They came back like gangbusters after a shaky start.


David Schoen showed a clip of Democrats objecting to President Trump’s certification in 2017:

The defense showed Democrats encouraging riots:

Democrats ignored riots or encouraged them throughout President Trump’s four years and their hypocrisy was exposed in a most embarrassing public display. Also on display was their radical double standard.

Mr. Schoen showed the Trump speech footage House impeachment managers cut out where DJT told people to march “peacefully and patriotically.”

Mr. Van der Veen called out the Democrat impeachment managers for again misquoting President Trump. They lied.

Democrats doctored the case and it’s over.

The Charlottesville lie was destroyed, hopefully finally:

Biden’s staff and Kamala Harris helped raise bail for rioters and the attorney dealt with that too:

The case is about political hatred:

The sham impeachment is a threat to free speech:

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1 year ago

The Senate should now being replaced immediately for the simple fact that this trial was unconstitutional. The verbiage States for any impeachment it must be a sitting president, not an already replaced President. Therefore this trial was unconstitutional and the entire Senate should be impeached and replaced immediately. These freak shows need to learn that you cannot impeach a private citizen and if you attempt to do so you will be impeached an imprisoned.

1 year ago

President Trump’s lawyers simply pointed out that the Democrats are lying scumbags.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago
Reply to  GuvGeek

The fate of this trial entirely rested with that corrupt liar, the cowardly China Mitch. The untold story is that the result depends on this national betrayer lobbying enough republican votes to convict Trump. Mitch made it clear when he smeared Trump in recent weeks what his position is on conviction. Neither side wants to admit it, that Mitch is the key. The repubs will not admit that they have a betrayer “leading” them, but they will find out at the polls what we think about it. The dems will not admit that they have no case and are relying on this despicable character to assist them.

It appears that some republicans have told Mitch he is out if he goes for conviction. Graham said that. And don’t assume all democrats will vote to convict. They can see how silly this is and the polls are not in their favor.

Mental Health Hotline Muzak
Mental Health Hotline Muzak
1 year ago

The radio said they (attorneys) were half assing it and I thought it isn’t over yet.
Egg on the face of the CPUSA? They have no shame and the enemedia will move on to the next abomination.
Derp State Crisis Actor productions will get busy if need be.
I bet the poll stating that no one who voted for Trump has changed their mind would be the same today.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

It is so true. The longer this show trial goes on, the more popular Trump becomes. And the deep state has a long list of plans for us.