AOC explains how to end the ‘unrest’ and stop the ‘quiet oppression’


Communista Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez claims that if you want the unrest to end, you’d better be calling for all her communist agenda items.

She wants people to pay for everyone else’s healthcare, claims there is housing discrimination without any evidence, wants an end to [non-existant] police brutality. If you don’t,  the “quiet oppression” will continue.

AOC said if you’re afraid to say ‘black lives matter,’ the oppression will continue. The movement, Black Lives Matter, is a violent, communist movement that seeks to oppress all of us.

What is this woman talking about? She needs to live in Cuba for a few years. Today, there was a countrywide blackout in Cuba. In Cuba, people who attempt to dissent to anything the rulers mandate are thrown in prisons. The entire country is impoverished. That’s oppression. The United States is not an oppressive nation. It’s the best nation in the world, but it won’t be for long if people like AOC continue to take on the role of a thought leader for an entire political party.


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