An Alarming Look Into a Sanctuary City Where Thieves, Sex Abusers Roam Free


In a sanctuary city, grand larceny and sex abuse are called non-violent crimes if committed by an illegal alien. The city will protect them from deportation and will violate the law to do it no matter what the risk to Americans.

Mayor Bill de Blasio admitted to Jake Tapper that in the sanctuary city of New York, illegal alien criminals are shielded from ICE if they are drunk drivers or have committed grand larceny, however, it is far worse than that, far worse.

Illegal aliens are shielded from most felonies and are only turned over to ICE if they have a federal warrant along with the detainers. ICE doesn’t get federal warrants. Law enforcement is no longer allowed to hold them for ICE so they can get the warrants. If the criminal committed a very serious felony five years prior, it doesn’t count.

The conversation three days ago, went like this.

JACK TAPPER: “But is grand larceny or drunk driving a very minor offense?”

BILL DE BLASIO: ““Drunk driving that does not lead to any other negative outcome, I could define as that,” DeBlasio said before going on to say, “Someone commits a minor offense… let’s say someone went through a stop sign, they could be deported for that and their family could be torn apart and you could have children left behind where the breadwinner in the family is sent back to a home country, that is not good for anyone.”

An Alarming Glimpse Into a Sanctuary City

Communist Mayor de Blasio says it is necessary to protect criminal illegal aliens from ICE to avoid deportations and to prevent separating families from the breadwinners.

Another nonsensical excuse he and his communist city council president Melissa Mark-Viverito give is they if they don’t deport criminals including “non-violent felons”, law enforcement will get cooperation from immigrant communities.

They are suggesting immigrants won’t otherwise want to keep their communities safe.

Two October 2014 bills shield illegal immigrants from “minor crimes” such as drunk driving and grand larceny because there would be a risk of deportation and they are often the “breadwinners”.

To provide a more detailed example of what the laws do: laws prohibiting identity theft, forgery, grand larceny, sexual abuse, prescription drug sales, bribery, money laundering, harassment, drunk driving, and driving without a license or insurance do not apply to illegal aliens.

It doesn’t stop there.

If an illegal immigrant committed a serious felony five years before but is arrested again, the previous crime does not count.

The NYC Bills, Introductions 486 & 487 prohibit the NYC Department of Correction and NYC police from honoring ICE requests to detain an individual for up to 48 hours beyond their scheduled release. The new law also limits sharing information with ICE to almost nothing if anything at all.

Only some extremely serious felonies can be addressed by ICE if they have a judicial warrant, but that is another problem, they won’t hold these criminals or terrorists until ICE gets a warrant which they rarely get in any case.

New York City prevents local police from transferring an immigrant prisoner to ICE custody unless the feds have a warrant, however, even illegal alien advocates admit, the requirement of a judicial warrant will in practice “end all deportation holds” because ICE does not obtain judicial warrants to accompany detainers.

Terrorists can go free under these laws.

For example, Intro. 486 only allows the Department of Corrections to comply with a federal detainer request for an alien who is a potential match on the Terrorist Watchlist if ICE presents a judicial warrant, thus potentially requiring the Department to release possible terrorist threats back into the community.

In other words, they are like their own foreign country with their own set of laws.

A sidenote, many of these offenders escalate but stopping them before they commit more serious crimes is no longer possible in a sanctuary city.

The communist speaker Mark-Viverito has a new bill that will ensure that immigration enforcement does not take place in public schools, courthouses, hospitals or offices where individuals apply for public benefits or seek shelter.

Mark-Viverito also called on the state to review confidentiality and information gathering laws, regulations and policies and change them as needed.

Recently de Blasio said the list of criminal aliens will be destroyed to keep the President from deporting the criminal aliens, including gangbangers. There are about 500,000 illegal aliens in New York City, many are criminals.

This is going on to varying degrees in all sanctuary cities.

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