Alarms Blinking Red! Chilling War & Terror Attack by 2025


Russia and Ukraine/NATO are blithely talking about moving to nuclear options. Apparently, the German government has now authorized military action on Russian soil, as German officials enact mandatory conscription. The US and other European nations have also enacted conscription.

It’s the worst of times, but it’s the best of times for the military-industrial, biodefense-industrial, and censorship-industrial complex matrices.

Biden and whoever pulls his strings is modern history’s most inept and dangerous president.

Potential Upcoming Trade War

US economist Stephen Roach (the former chair of Morgan Stanley Asia) stated this week while in Bejing that the US’ recent tariff hikes on Chinese goods were a “blunder” and the result of election-year politics might drag the United States and China into a “new forever war” on trade.

Terrorism Is Back

At the same time, ISIS-K and Al Qaeda have experienced a resurgence thanks to funds we give them or allow. We have given the Taliban $2.8 billion in aid, tens of millions of which we know went directly to the Taliban.

This is after we left a fortune in weaponry. It was a “weapons bazaar.”

We have also allowed Iran to become wealthy.

The US taxpayer arms and funds the Taliban, Iran, and Hamas. And our border is wide open. People are getting slaughtered, and Joy Reid and Jamila Jayapal think it’s funny.

Recently, 8 ISIS-K terrorists were caught spread out in three different US cities. Six of them came over our open border recently.

Christopher Wray has warned that all the red terrorist lights are blinking. Former Acting CIA Chief Morrell, who hid the Hunter laptop with 49 of his intelligence allies, said all red lights are blinking. Both said it feels like pre-9/11.

The Warning of a Massive Attack Inside the US

Former Green Beret, Ret. Lt. Col. Scott Mann of The Pineapple Express spoke with Rob Schmitt last night, and he is hearing from his sources within Afghanistan that there will be a major attack inside the United States by 2025.

[Our borders are wide open]


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