Alert! Dems Plan to Buy the Media, Please Sign the Petition to Protest It


Washington Free Beacon is sending a petition to stop Democrats from paying off the media, forever corrupting them, even local media.

The Beacon writes:

We demand that Congress reject the proposed subsidies for America’s failing newspapers!

An unbiased press is essential to the preservation of our nation’s liberty. When corrupt and ineffective government can count on favorable coverage in the media, the cause of justice and freedom will inevitably suffer.

The House Democrats’ plan to funnel tax-payer funds to their allies in the liberal media is a threat to the cause of democracy and should be opposed by everyone who desires an honest and just government. Simply put, our nation deserves and demands journalism that is beholden to no interests other than the truth.

Any news outlet that is propped up by government funding will be unwilling to do the necessary work of criticizing and exposing corruption in that government. Therefore government should not provide $1 BILLION in tax-payer funds to subsidize failing newspapers.

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