Alert! Fulton County BLOCKING credentialed monitors


It’s impossible for Republicans to win under these circumstances. What could the reason possibly to block credentialed monitors ordered by the court??? Outside of fraud, I mean!



  1. Georgia=CCP occupied territory. Fundamentally transformed by the fifth column from Hollywood and Fakebook.

  2. Knock down the Goddamned door and throw the bastards out. Take the votes and count them in the town square and livestream it. I’m so sick of these cheaters.

  3. There are two ways to remediate this problem,. One is to remove the county results from inclusion in the voting totals. Angry voters may decide that those officials who precipitated this action need to be hanged.
    The second option is to utilize the Battle of Athens TN, 1946 strategy.

  4. Send in the US Marshals, Georgia is a crime scene. Take the governor and the secretary of state into custody as soon as they call the election. It’s your state but it’s our country.

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