Pence told Trump he does not have the power to overturn the election


The NY Times reports that Vice President Mike Pence told President Donald Trump during their weekly lunch on Tuesday that he does not have the power to overturn November’s presidential election results.

Trump has said several times that Pence does have the power and should do the right thing.

“The Vice President has the power to reject fraudulently chosen electors,” Trump wrote on Twitter Tuesday morning, after having told a crowd of Georgia voters Monday night he was hoping Pence would “come through” on Wednesday.”

“Because if he doesn’t come through, I won’t like him quite as much,” Trump added with a laugh.

U.S. states have already certified the results, and Pence’s role on Wednesday as president of the Senate is to “open all the Certificates,” in the presence of the House of Representatives and the Senate, the U.S. Constitution says.

Trump has suggested Pence could do more than that.

“The Vice President has the power to reject fraudulently chosen electors,” Trump wrote in a tweet on Tuesday, his latest unfounded suggestion that the election was marred by widespread fraud.



  1. Pence does not have the power to overturn the election. That is a ridiculous absurd statement,but he does have the right to refer the fraudulentt certifications to the state legislatures who have the exclusive power to certify electors and tht is what Trump expects him to do tomorrrow.

    • That is true. M, why adopt the corrupt leftist NYT as your narrative? No one ever said the VP could overturn the election, but you are repeating that multiple times. This is how conservatives lose, by adopting an invalid narrative.

      • Hi Prisoner, I put it up with the name of the source because it wasn’t the only source and it’s obvious to us that he won’t reject or accept electors – Congress could do that. He won’t.

        Many on the right do think that the VP can overturn the election by picking different electors.

  2. Leave it up to the states. This is right in line with Trump’s chess set.
    The GOP branch of the Uniparty sold out a long time ago, don’t count on them for anything other than collaboration with the fifth column of quisling slime known as the CPUSA.

  3. People need to quit listening to the likes of the Q-Bannons. There is no Constitutional or Statutory provision that “allows” the Vice President to de-certify any Electoral votes. For anyone to suggest a State Legislator can send a “letter” to the leaders of Congress to postpone the January 6th date is ludicrous. Congress had to pass Legislation to change the date of the 6th to the 4th. Neither does Pence have the “authority” to refer the “Valid Certificates” back to the States. Whether the election was valid or not, or fraud occurred, the Certificates themselves are valid. There is no provision for that action by a Vice President.

    Forget the Insurrection Act. Congress overrode the Presidential Veto of the NDAA which prohibits its use. Also, the Insurrection Act cannot be used in election related circumstances.

    The objection to the Certification is valid, but the only alternative is for both Houses to vote whether or not to accept. A democrat House certainly will not accept that outcome. There is a question whether evidence can and will be presented. This could be the method to inform the public of all the questions that arose in the election. But I doubt the Republicans will be organized enough to thoroughly detail those specifics. I see it being more of a grandstanding proposition.

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