Alexandra Pelosi’s Jan. 6 Made-For-TV Movie


Bennie Thompson, chairman of the J6 committee clown show, says people “wrongly assumed the committee was a partisan exercise… This investigation is not about politics.” Nancy Pelosi’s daughter was on the scene to put together a Made-for-TV movie.

It wasn’t political. That’s why the only two Republicans on the committee happen to be two lame-duck Trump haters reviled by the GOP. It’s why the J6 panel has run this one-sided hit squad for months, only ending right before the election. The climax was the subpoena for Donald Trump, who responded by saying he’d “love to testify.”

I’m more concerned about my food and heating bills than this committee but I felt compelled to say something about it.


Nancy Pelosi’s daughter filmed the affair, picking out choice clips of the rioters. Anderson Cooper said Alexandra was there to record the “transfer of power.”

Alexandra Pelosi happened to be at the Capitol on Jan. 6, filming her mother and the other bureaucrats as they said they were under siege by rioters defecating in the Capitol and breaking windows. As they made these comments, they sounded like bureaucrats trying to figure out who they had to notify. There was no tension, just dialogue for the film.

The footage was never seen before and was held for the end of the J6 Soviet-style panel “investigation” of the riot they call an insurrection. The film is part of Alexandra’s J6 documentary. She declared it will be an “epiphany.”

The rioters were unarmed, and none were charged with insurrection.

Since Nancy Pelosi, as Speaker, is charged with protecting the Capitol, why didn’t she approve National Guard troops to protect the Capitol that day?

There was a lot of communication between Pelosi and the police, but they have been kept from the public. We are not allowed to see them.


Julie Kelly of American Greatness has closely followed the Jan. 6 events, prosecutions, and the panel. She wrote a series of tweets about the film with some of the dialogue:

  • Pelosi: “I’m gonna punch him out.” Referring to Trump. Says he will be trespassing? Video of people around the building at 1 pm when joint session convened.
  • McConnell now making his plea for Republicans not to proceed with 10-day election audit.
  • Footage is inside and outside
  • Initial internal breach at 2:15 pm
  • Pelosi now in a hallway asking about National Guard (which her sergeant at arms repeatedly denied days before and on that day)
  • She gets in an SUV. People in her office and Senate chambers. Unclear who is shooting at this point.
  • “Shots fired.” That was Michael Byrd shooting Ashli Babbitt. Footage outside lower west terrace tunnel. This is where Rosanne Boyland died. Pelosi keeps talking about National Guard but USCP board incl her sergeant of arms denied extra help.
  • Pelosi: Reports of “defecation”
  • Pelosi at 4:17pm: “Insurrection.” That’s a crime, she says. SUV with “Pelosi is Satan” sign on east side. “Blood outside Speaker’s lobby.” [It was Ashlie Babbitt’s}
  • Rosen had assembled elite FBI forces at Quantico the weekend before in preparation for Jan 6. He hasn’t explained why. Either they knew of a threat or were caught off guard. Can’t have it both ways.
  • Woodward and Bernstein commending Pelosi’s actions, but it was her responsibility to protect the building. Why didn’t she? Jan 6 committee never asked.
  • Woodward: “The whole thing is so absurd. Our grandchildren will be looking at this and asking what the hell was going on.”
  • Cooper: Pelosi is in “full control.” Pelosi that morning already seems to be wary about potential chaos. Why?
  • Bernstein: Trump is a “madman.” Cooper wonders why Trump didn’t send troops to the Capitol. Well, check the law buddy. [Kelly is referring to the fact that the Speaker or the Mayor would have had to ask and they didn’t.]
  • Schumer recorded asking why National Guard was denied. It was denied for days. “This is like a 3rd world country.”
  • Yep. Pelosi tells DOD sec McCarthy she will call DC mayor Bowser about National Guard. She accuses him of denying national guard, he says it didn’t happen.

Bill O’Reilly spoke with John Solomon of Just the News and gave his opinion of the clown show.

Some people reacted by saying it appeared staged. It seemed like a reenactment to some as if they discussed it and planned it, even with dialogue and certain words, like “insurrection.”

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Harrison Pendleton
Harrison Pendleton
1 year ago

Pretty sure the Drunk Parasite Pelosi and Homely Daughter forced yet another hair stylist to “do” their hair while the rest of us are dealing with a widespread Biden inflation.

1 year ago

While Nancy Pelosi’s daughter was inside the capitol filming, Nancy’s son-inlaw was out side filming the crowd, yeah this whole thing don’t pass the smell test!!!

John Vieira
John Vieira
1 year ago

J6 appeals to the brain dead that make up the Dems main support…

1 year ago

Protecting the Capital was Pelosi’s responsibility. Trump authorized the tools needed and she pretty much told Trump to go to hell. J6 should be having an open hearing with Pelosi answering some very embarrassing questions, such as who authorized deadly force against unarmed civilians. J6 was a False Flag Black Op and Pelosi was clearly involved by refusing National Guard assistance. J6 is just a coverup operation like the Warren Commission was. Governments always need a Commission to coverup a Coup.