Alexandria O-Cortez accuses Senator Cruz of attempted murder


Two days ago, America’s little Eva Peron, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, called her Republican colleagues in Congress ‘terrorists.’ AOC claimed disingenuously that she was afraid of them. The next day, she sneeringly accused Senator Cruz of trying to murder her.

While amazingly unintelligent for a college graduate, she is the party’s thought leader, and she is the spirit of our coming age. It’s sad but true.

The Senator had agreeably noted they could work together on a rare issue of agreement — GameStop. She responded by stupidly accusing him of attempted murder.

She also blamed an officer’s suicide on the Capitol riot, WITHOUT ANY EVIDENCE. The only deliberate murder was by an officer who killed a woman trying to climb through a window.

She’s Not Sweet

The Unforgivable

Senator Cruz did the unforgivable on January 6 — he disagreed with her on the obviously corrupt election. He wanted to convince Congress to delay the vote’s certification for 10 days so fraud allegations could be examined.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a strong supporter and promoter of the Antifa and Black Lives Matter riots, was never accused of attempted murder by anyone.

Senator Cruz’s disagreement of opinion is violence, but the communist-anarchists burning buildings and cars, looting, killing people deliberately is not an issue. It doesn’t even merit a comment. It’s ‘just an idea,’ after all, to quote Joe Biden.

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