AOC calls GOP congressmen ‘terrorists’ on air


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a sitting member of Congress, was on-air tonight accusing the Republican caucus of being terrorists. She thinks Kevin McCarthy is getting his marching orders from these phantom white supremacists she claims to be terrified by.

AOC states as fact that Republicans are fine with racism, and a whole host of other terrible things. She is a communist Alinsky-ite.


Along with this same theme of stupid Democrats, Rep. Massie explained why the troops are in the Capitol. He cited three reasons.
  1. Massie says the Democrats are currently objecting to colleagues who express a different viewpoint. Democrats are calling them seditionists and want them removed.
  2. The soldiers will be there during the impeachment trial. They are creating an impression that the situation is dangerous.
  3. Additionally, the troops in DC are meant to make it seem as if we are in danger, under siege, and, as a result, they must grab guns, invade your privacy, and more. Their insane definition of terrorism includes the Guardsmen here to protect them.

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