All Cali state universities to remain closed through Fall, after the election


Twenty-three colleges and universities and 480,000 students are affected by a new directive in California. They will be closed through the fall semester. Chancellor Timothy White made the announcement Tuesday.

The California State University (CSU) system said it plans to cancel all in-person classes for the fall and to continue instruction online, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“This virtual planning approach for the next academic year is necessary because of the evolving data surrounding the progression of COVID 19,” White explained to CSU trustees.

Expect other colleges and universities to follow, maybe all.

This is a good way to destroy a Constitution and form a ‘new normal,’ which will be a dark and dreary place with despots and drones.

Odd how it’s going until after the election.

Government employees and big businesses will survive. The backbone of capitalism, small business, might not.

It’s unfair to students but the prime goal of the ideologues in the caring party is more important than people.

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