All of the Boulder killer’s publicly available Facebook posts


The media suddenly doesn’t want the name of the Boulder killer mentioned. His name is Ahmad Aliwi Al Issa. The other day, the massage parlor killer, Robert Long, a white guy, was described as a racist, but now, Ahmad Aliwi Al Issa — nothing. In fact, Democrats changed the conversation from violent white men to gun control.

This video below has all of his publicly visible Facebook posts. In them, he talks of: wrestling, needing a wife, concern about Islamophobes, Jesus and Mary as Muslims, and his love of Islam.

Ahmad blocked a lot of his comments, and only shared them with a limited number of friends. Those are not visible. They were probably more telling.

H thought Trump was a “d–k.”

He was described as paranoid by his brother and did have a couple of Facebook posts saying “racist Islamophobes” [meaning his old school where he was bullied] are “hacking” his phone.

You would never pick him out as a mass murderer from these posts. It’s unclear how he could have been stopped. The Left will tell you eradicating guns will do it.


Trump comment:

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