This is what Premiere networks plans to do with Rush’s slot


Premiere Networks announced their plans for the future of the Rush Limbaugh Show. Premiere is a wholly-owned subsidiary of iHeartMedia and is headed by Julie Talbott, who serves as president.

Premiere Networks syndicates more than 90 radio programs and services to more than 5,500 radio affiliations and reaches 245 million listeners monthly.

Newsmax reports the show will continue airing for the “long term” with rotating guest hosts that, from time-to-time, also air audio clips of the revered conservative broadcaster, its syndicator has announced.

Guest hosts Todd Herman, Ken Matthews, and Brett Winterble have already been “guiding the audio of Rush for all of the important issues of the day.”

“No one can replace Rush Limbaugh,” Premiere said. ”And Premiere Networks will continue to provide millions of loyal listeners with the voice of Rush for the long term,” the statement said.

Rush Limbaugh will continue to live for the time being.

Rush’s spot in Atlanta will be taken over by Erick Erickson, an anti-Trumper.

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