All that Kamala Harris wants for you, America


On Sunday, Mark Levin reviewed Kamala Harris’s record as a senator on his Fox show, ‘Life, Liberty, and Levin.’ The media calls her a moderate, and The Daily News, which just dumped its newsrooms, describes her as the “trailblazing vice presidential pick.” Her rollout is described as “electrifying.” In actuality, the 55-year-old is an autocrat and an opportunist. The position she will be in — should Joe Biden win — is particularly of concern since Joe Biden himself has said she must be ready to lead from day one.

Levin began by listing some of what makes up her belief system.


  • Harris is to the left of 97% of Democrats in the U.S. Senate. She is to the left of Bernie Sanders
  • Supports decriminalizing illegal immigration
  • Rejects building a wall on the southern border
  • Compared ICE to the KKK
  • Supports single-payer for illegal immigrants
  • Supports the elimination of private health care, which means 160 million Americans would lose their health care
  • Co-sponsor of the Green New Deal, a socialist attack aimed at destroying capitalism
  • She opposes American independence of fossil fuels and wants to eliminate coal, natural gas, all fossil fuels, end fracking
  • Wants to repeal President Trump’s tax cuts for the middle class
  • Wants to massively increase taxes on all Americans
  • Supports abortion — infanticide — and believes all American taxpayers must all pay for it, regardless of their beliefs. She would prevent any laws limiting abortion from being considered in any state. The federal government must decide what laws states can consider
  • Wants to ban legal firearms by executive order
  • Supports massive regulations
  • She will ‘war on the suburbs.’ The federal government would decide every detail of life in the suburbs, how many libraries, what the zoning laws will be, the makeup of schools, whether one can have single-family homes
  • Harris wants to pack the Supreme Court
  • She wants to eliminate the filibuster

Any one of these things would be devastating to our freedoms.

In other words, you could all begin to lose your freedoms as soon as January 2021.




Mark Pulliam, a contributing editor of Law & Justice, spoke with Mark Levin last night about Kamala Harris and he explained who she is in some detail.

Kamala Harris’ meteoric rise began with her role as mistress to the married San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown, a ruthless partisan Democrat.

As district attorney and attorney general, she was not the tough prosecutor as described except when it came to prosecuting marijuana crimes that mostly affected young black men.

Harris is not a moderate, she is autocratic and opportunistic.

Some of the examples

There was a police officer named Isaac Espinoza shot down in cold blood by a gang member with an AK-47. Harris refused to seek the death penalty. At that time, even the Democrat community disagreed with the decision. Harris has contempt for the police department. She did the same thing years later when a father and his two sons returning home from a picnic were slaughtered by an MS-13 gang member here illegally.

There were active cases of child molestation by priests she refused to prosecute. The Catholic Church donated $60,000 to her campaign. These churches were tied to the fake-Catholic Pelosi establishment. One boy was brutally raped by two priests and the documentation was put together by her predecessor. She refused to follow up, would not speak with the victim, and destroyed the documentation.

Then she ran on her efforts to help victims of child abuse.

She refused to defend Proposition 8 on appeal, a union of one man and one woman, and that was state law. She sabotaged the will of the people.

The former AG forced bias training on the police. Thousands of criminals were released when she refused to stand against an initiative to release criminals.

Harris crafted the language of ballot initiatives. She used her power as a gatekeeper to distort laws so that laws to limit unions or trial lawyers, for example, were falsely characterized — to suit her donors and her radical views. Kamala is an agent of special interests who rewards friends and punishes enemies.

There is much more.

Watch the entire show:

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