All you need to know about Coronavirus


During a press conference Friday afternoon, the President declared a national Coronavirus emergency to free up $42.6 billion to help states and local areas deal with the virus.

He told reporters he will get tested because he was in close proximity to people who later tested positive for the virus.

Lastly, a reporter attempted to make him look bad by asking why he fired the staff in the pandemic office at the CDC. He said he didn’t know about it but it was likely a reorganization. Perhaps he forgot. President Trump called it a “nasty question,” which the media now claims proves he’s a racist misogynist since the reporter asking the question is a Black woman.

The pandemic office should probably just be constituted when needed. What were the pandemic bureaucrats doing? They didn’t prepare for testing in case of a pandemic, that’s clear.


Dr. Anthony Fauci said the majority of Coronavirus cases are coming from European nations. The travel ban has “absolutely” helped he told a skeptical reporter. It was the “right numerical call,” he said.

He added, “Chinese travelers who were infected seeded the United States and Europe.” If you look at the majority of cases that are new cases, the majority of them are from Europe. New cases in the United States — the majority of them — are coming from Europe. Based on that, the travel ban was suggested and accepted, Dr. Fauci said. They spent a lot of time talking about it.


If you’re concerned about the virus, you can go to this excellent site which updates the numbers infected, deceased, recovered, serious.

The fact is that Europe and China have between and 3% and 4% death rate, but the United States has 2%.

As of this writing, there are 1885 confirmed cases in the United States with 39 deceased. All the deceased were elderly with underlying conditions. In general, people who die tend to be smokers or come from a polluted region.


Rep. Dan Crenshaw went through a list of things to know about the virus. First, he said there shouldn’t be willy nilly testing. The CDC needs to concentrate on improving the tests. Currently, the results come in within hours. Secondly, more than 70% of cases come from Europe. Third, authorities do not recommend widespread school closures. Finally, March and April will be tough months but it should abate by summer.

He also said, symptoms include fever, dry cough, fatigue, and shortness of breath. If you are feeling sick, please stay home from work. Wash your hands and limit exposure to large gatherings of people. If you have any questions, you can call the CDC at 1-800-CDC-INFO.

You can also listen to investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson on her podcast on this link. She has researched the disease.

Her latest podcast focuses on fact versus panic on Coronavirus. She said the vast majority of people who get the virus, don’t even know they have it.


The people who died are older and people with serious, chronic conditions like diabetes and serious respiratory issues. The average age of death in the United States for people with the virus is 80 years. Twenty-five who died came from one place in the United States, and most of them came from one nursing home. Of the other cases, there was a woman in her 90s, a man in his 70s with underlying conditions, a woman in her 60s who was already hospitalized, another man had two heart attacks, and so it goes.

Most people get no symptoms and almost all will recover.

The testing is improving which means they are picking up more people with the virus, but that doesn’t mean the virus is expanding at that rate.

She recommends an article by the BBC on this link for European deaths and another at the Lancet which addresses China’s deaths. The results are much the same as Attkisson explains in the podcast.

The disease has been here for at least weeks, perhaps a lot longer.

There is a shortage of masks and medical professionals need them. A bill to protect mask providers from liability was blocked by Democrats at the behest of trial lawyers.

Coronavirus might die down in warm weather, but there’s no evidence it will or will not happen.

There is a huge amount of traffic crossing our borders illegally and legally. There are a million crossings every day. That is not under control.

The virus is a moving target and facts are changing. It’s not clear how long or far the virus can last and travel. It’s unclear how long the incubation period is. Be careful, but keep in mind it’s probably not the big one. If a person gets it, they will probably then be immune, and it will likely not return.


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