President waives interest on Federal student loans indefinitely & reporters ask ‘nasty’ questions


The President was flanked by CEOs from Walmart, Target, CVS, and Walgreens during his press conference this afternoon. All vowed to work with Trump to combat the Coronavirus.

Walmart announced they will cordon off areas of their lots for screening and testing. Walgreens and Target vowed to do the same.

The Target CEO said, “Today we are focused on a common competitor.”

The market responded positively and rallied to up over 9% Friday afternoon.

Also, President Trump waived all interest on federal student loans until further notice.



Some of the questions during the presser were attempts to make the President look bad. That’s how some reporters make their bones these days.

One such question was by a Black woman and because he called it a “nasty question,” he was afterward labeled a misogynist racist. She asked why he fired the pandemic office. He didn’t remember or know what she was talking about. But they couldn’t have been very good at their job. All they had to do was prepare for a pandemic and they didn’t do it. They did nothing about the testing process.

Another obnoxious reporter asked him why he wasn’t being tested and if he wasn’t being selfish.

There were other nasty, loaded questions. How can Americans have any respect for these people?

The Full Presser:

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