Panelists Blast Annoying, Insufferable Juan Williams


Panelists on “The Five” blasted far-left Fox News co-host, Juan Williams, after the socialist Democrat refused to give President Trump credit for the China travel ban. The show seems mostly unwatchable with Juan on it, but it apparently has decent ratings.

The President acted very quickly instituting a ban and took heat for it. Democrats called it racist.

The virus began in China. It later became very severe in Iran. The President’s quick action with a ban on Chinese travelers, and then Iranian, slowed the virus’ spread. He bought a lot of time.

During the show, co-host Shannon Bream asked Williams if he’d “give the president some credit” for implementing the ban.

“It wasn’t early, in fact, it should have been earlier,” Williams said.

“You were against it!” co-host Jesse Watters yelled.

Everyone blasted him for the lie. Juan is incapable of saying anything that supports the President, no matter the truth.

Williams dodged and jumped to accusing President Trump of having knowledge that the public did not have.

“When the president acted it was, again, not clear to everybody the extent, and we had people going from China, guess where, Italy, North Korea,” Williams said. “It’s just like what happened yesterday with, oh, not England, when, in fact, the cases are spiking in England.”

“Juan, you’ve totally discredited yourself,” Watters said emphatically. “It’s over, it’s done. We don’t believe anything anymore because you will criticize no matter what he does and then pretend like what you said two months ago didn’t happen.”


The View ‘ladies’ are the female versions of Juan. They were annoyed by the President’s breathing. They wouldn’t even give him credit for getting the testing set up for free.

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