Always Reliably Anti-Republican, Sen. McCain Trashes GOP on CNN


The out of touch senator from Arizona, John McCain, appeared Sunday on one of his favorite stations — CNN.

Host Jake Tapper flashed an October 2012 tweet from his daughter Meghan McCain on the screen, in which she tweeted, “So are we still going to go with climate change not being real fellow Americans”.

As an aside, we all know the climate changes but they’ve yet to show proof it’s man made and we can do a thing about it. We have virtually no historical data.

Jake Tapper said that as he [Sen. McCain] knows, the Republicans generally deny climate change. He asked McCain why that is. Naturally, McCain went right to insulting Republicans.

Ever eager to please the left, he said, “I know this, that there is things happening with the climate in the world that is unprecedented…We have to understand that they climate may be changing…”

Hopefully he isn’t talking about hurricanes. Even NOAA is saying there is no evidence global warming causes them. They say it might affect them and it probably does. They don’t have evidence for that either.

Is there any left-wing anything that John McCain doesn’t agree with?

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