Gay Pride Parade in Manhattan Becomes An Excuse for Brawls


After New York City’s Pride Parade on Sunday, multiple brawls and wild chaos engulfed Washington Square Park. Police tried to quell the mob.


Fistfights and hair-pulling as troublemakers turned the crowded Washington Square Park into their boxing ring. Onlookers loved it, videotaping on their phones.

It used to be a nice, peaceful park.

At one point, two young men threw haymakers at each other before one took a tumble to the ground. Seconds later, two women briefly took swings at each other while a couple of bystanders attempted to break up that kerfuffle, a clip shows.

In another instance of violence, one woman, who appeared to be bleeding from her face with dried blood on her white shirt, went head-to-head with a peer as the crowd loudly cheered, according to footage. Other savage beatings took place, one of a white woman in a pink shirt.

There was also twerking. One woman was grinding and twerking with a light post. Another twerked, smiling away on a police car.

The Police ordered the park closed, and the crowd argued with them. The same thing happened in Philadelphia.

No arrests have been noted as of yet.

Manhattan also had the pro-Hamas protesters blocking the Gay Pride parade. There were ten arrests there.

Two days earlier, there was a weird, sexually gross drag queen march.

Go back to treating yourselves with self-respect, girls:

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