America Is Faced with President Kamala Harris


If Joe Biden steps down, could Kamala take his place? The polls say no way. However, America is faced with Kamala Harris as president. In the clip below, she shimmies with Revolutionary Communist Party members.

Real Clear Politics polling averages show that she has a bigger disadvantage than Biden if she were to run against Trump. Donald Trump leads Harris by 6.6 percentage points, with 49.3% and 42.7% support going to Democrats. Even on the left-wing polls, Donald Trump surpasses her.

A poll conducted by Politico and Morning Consult this month found that only one-third of voters think it likely Harris would win the election should she become the nominee. Only three in five Democrats think she could prevail. She has failed in everything she has been assigned to do, and she has to be one of the worst speakers we’ve heard in a long time, outside of Joe Biden.

Harris has a serious problem with staffing, and she can’t get along with them.

Fewer than 40% of Americans approve of the job she’s doing, and Five Thirty-Eight found that nearly half say they disapprove.

She does better with black Americans.


Harris supported Joe Biden beyond reason during an interview with Anderson Cooper after the debate. “I’m not going to spend all night with you talking about the last 90 minutes when I’ve been watching the last 3 1/2 years of performance. “

It’s in her interest to stick with Joe. If Biden can’t survive four years, she’s automatically president.

She was combative and unlikeable.

“The person that you saw on the debate stage that has for the last three and a half years up until today performed in a way that has been about whether it be in the Oval Office negotiating bipartisan deals so that we have an infrastructure, a real infrastructure plan, where we’re putting trillions of dollars on the streets of America to upgrade our infrastructure, whether it be the person I see in the Oval Office who is meeting with heads of the military and the intelligence community and in the Situation Room, ensuring the safety of America, the person I see in Joe Biden on the world stage convening world leaders who often ask for his advice, most recently just during the G7 conference,” she said.

Biden isn’t performing. The people behind the curtain are running the country. As for the G7, his performance was humiliating.

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