American falsely imprisoned in Cuba recalls Bernie Sanders’ visit


Most of the media is turning against Bernie Sanders, but not because he hates America and wants to enslave us all under socialism. No, they are opposed to him because they believe he is unelectable.


The far-left NY Times hasn’t given up on Bernie yet. They continue to portray him as a viable and honorable figure. To The Times, he is a man of historical significance, tough, but kind, impatient with lesser souls, hard-working, working all the time. Sanders is the quintessential hero brilliant, forward-looking, and an activist of his time.

All this comes out of a Times article, “The Bernie Sanders Personality Test.” Sure, he has “angry outbursts,” but it’s only because he’s so great.

Many commenters on the article didn’t fall for the hype, but one man wrote, “Reads as a “Man of Great Character”! A real and unvarnished Human Being. I love this man.”

Sander’s alleged authenticity appears to be his so-called strength, only he’s not authentic, he lies about what he is and what he wants to turn this country into. He’s either lying or he’s extremely stupid.

Not once did the article mention his communistic goals for the United States. There were no challenges to Sanders’ economic plans which would easily destroy the country. Never do they explain that his vision of the U.S. of Sweden is not possible under his plan. Swedes are free-market capitalists.


NPR is taking a different tack. They published a story about American Alan Gross, a prisoner in Cuba for five years during the Obama administration, who says Bernie Sanders commended the Cuban regime.

Sanders visited Cuba as part of a congressional delegation in 2014, along with Sens. Heidi Heitkamp and Jon Tester, according to NPR.

“During the one-hour meeting, Sanders told the prisoner that he didn’t understand why others criticized Cuba, Gross said in an interview with NPR.”

“He said, quote: ‘I don’t know what’s so wrong with this country,'” Gross recalled. Sanders meant, there’s nothing wrong with Cuba.

To be clear, Sanders made the comments while visiting an American prisoner who was wrongfully convicted and imprisoned in the communist dictatorship. Mr. Sanders claims he doesn’t remember the conversation.

Eventually, Mr. Gross was exchanged for three Cuban spies held in the States.

“A source close to Heitkamp said the then-North Dakota senator remembered that Sanders seemed to disregard the meeting with Gross and that an uncomfortable exchange occurred, but did not remember the exact remark,” NPR writes.

In 2014, at the time of his visit, no one defended the communist dictatorship or Castro, only Bernie. This is the same Bernie who honeymooned in Soviet Russia — during the Cold War — the anti-Semitic Soviet Union. He could only sing its praises as they threatened to nuke the USA. He did honeymoon behind the Iron Curtain, but he did more than that, he worked feverishly to set up a sister city in Moscow while he was mayor of Burlington. To be fair to the NY Times, they did publish the documents proving how hard he worked at it.

He loves the cruelest regimes on earth and the worst dictators on the planet. Sanders is not to be admired. His mind transposes right and wrong, good and evil, capitalism and communism.


The Democrats, fearing what he could do to their party, have flocked to Joe Biden, a nasty, senile or just stupid man. Biden, who is labeled a nice person by the media and fellow party members, helped orchestrate the vicious attack to take down Robert Bork when he was nominated to the Supreme Court.

Biden is the man who plagiarized the speeches of famous historical figures and claimed he graduated at the top of his class when, in fact, he finished near the bottom. He’s the man who lied about his first wife’s and child’s deaths, claiming the driver of the truck that hit them was drunk. He did it to create a sympathetic story.

The truth is his wife drove into the other driver’s path and he was not drunk. Although Joe knew the truth, Biden kept repeating the lie. The driver of the truck, Curtis C. Dunn, went to his grave continually used as the subject of Joe’s tale.

What kind of person uses his wife’s death politically?

The former vice president claims he came from blue-collar roots, but, he didn’t, he had a privileged upbringing.

Democrats are faced with a Sophie’s Choice.

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