NY Times Editorial Board Writer Does Simple Math


The news people in the clip below want you to believe that 500 million dollars spent by Mike Bloomberg on his presidential campaign divided by 327 million people could have given each person in America a million-dollar check. These are the same people who can count 56 or more genders.

Brian Williams is an anchor and Mara Gay is on the New York Times Editorial Board. They appear in the clip below discussing yet another news person doing that simple math equation. All three had the same result. It is imperative that they buy a calculator immediately.

Can you believe that the people in charge of the news, who want us to trust them, can’t do simple math? Where are all the producers and fact-checkers of the news?

I guess they feel they don’t need fact-checkers when they’re making up facts, despite Brian Williams’ past as a teller of tall tales. Williams is known as the Father of Fake News and lost his anchor job at NBC for years, only to be brought back to MSNBC.

We all make mistakes, but this one is baffling.


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