Americans Are Waking Up


Billionaire liberal Bill Ackman appears to be moving toward the Donald Trump camp. He posted the following on X, supporting former FEC Commissioner Brad Smith’s step-by-step analysis of why no Federal Election Law was broken.

Elon Musk has come out supporting Donald Trump, although he wasn’t always a supporter. He linked to an article of Elie Honig’s rebuke of the Bragg case. The article is behind a paywall.

After being convicted in the bogus Manhattan trial, Donald Trump collected campaign donations of about $60 million in under 48 hours. The donations were small because they came from the common man and woman.

Donald Trump went through a false Russiagate investigation (CIA, DNI, FBI), and no one paid the price. The entire collusion narrative was false, and there was no predicate for the investigation. The NSA surveilled Donald Trump lawlessly, using their counterintelligence information and tactics. They impeached him twice, indicted him four times, and treated him like El Chapo.

The DOJ went after as many of his supporters as they could, as did corrupt DAs in New York, DC, and Atlanta. The FBI raided Trump’s home. A conflicted New York judge issued a gag order on the former president so he could not defend himself. He was deprived of due process and his free speech rights. They tried to remove him from ballots. Now we have a Democrat-conflicted judge, a prosecutor who ran on getting Trump with as many as 14 other prosecutors, some of whom stepped down from the DOJ to get Trump. The jury pool was not of Mr. Trump’s peers.

The corrupt media is giving Joe Biden free publicity 24/7.

Donald Trump is still standing, leading Joe Biden in the polls.


The pendulum is beginning to swing, and we have reasons to be optimistic. Americans are waking up. Rush Limbaugh would say, “I’ll tell you when it’s time to quit, but it’s not time yet!” It would be nice to hear him say it now, but you know he would say it now. Never give up on America, the shining city upon a hill, a beacon of hope.  We can be that again.

Rush Limbaugh on maintaining optimism. Trump hasn’t given up, and neither should we. Rush would say that today.

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