Vermont Bill Will Destroy Oil in the State


Vermont passed legislation to make oil companies pay for climate change damages. Since the Left attributes everything to climate change, it makes it impossible for oil companies to survive.

Vermont’s bill penalizes oil companies for extracting and producing oil.

The popular governor unexpectedly let it through.

The Associated Press

Under the legislation, the Vermont state treasurer, in consultation with the Agency of Natural Resources, would provide a report by Jan. 15, 2026, on the total cost to Vermonters and the state from the emission of greenhouse gases from Jan. 1, 1995, to Dec. 31, 2024. The assessment would look at the effects on public health, natural resources, agriculture, economic development, housing, and other areas. The state would use federal data to determine the amount of covered greenhouse gas emissions attributed to a fossil fuel company.

It’s a polluter-pays model affecting companies engaged in the trade or business of extracting fossil fuel or refining crude oil attributable to more than 1 billion metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions during the time period.

This is madness. They want to penalize based on the emission of greenhouse gases, which are necessary for existence. How will they separate oil companies from farms, cars, buses, trains, and government greenhouse gases?

Hopefully, oil companies will raise prices astronomically just for Vermont.

Oil, coal, and gas have raised our standard of living to what it is more than any other development in our history.

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