Americans Give Biden 33% Approval, Think Democracy Could Collapse


Quinnipiac isn’t one of the best pollsters but the latest poll is interesting.

Americans agree, for different reasons, that the bigger danger to the United States comes from within.

Seventy-six percent say they think political instability within the country is a bigger danger to the United States compared to the 19 percent who think other countries that are adversaries of the United States are the bigger danger, according to a Quinnipiac (KWIN-uh-pea-ack) University national poll of adults released today.

Democrats say 83 – 13 percent, independents say 78 – 19 percent, and Republicans say 66 – 29 percent that political instability in the U.S. is the bigger danger.

A majority of Americans, 58 – 37 percent, think the nation’s democracy is in danger of collapse.

Republicans say 62 – 36 percent, independents say 57 – 39 percent, and Democrats say 56 – 37 percent they think the nation’s democracy is in danger of collapse.

That’s because it is.

Just over half of Americans (53 percent) expect political divisions in the country to worsen over their lifetime, 28 percent expect them to remain about the same, and 15 percent expect them to ease.


Just over half of Americans (53 percent) think it is either very likely (19 percent) or somewhat likely (34 percent) that there will be another attack in the United States like the one that happened at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021. Forty-three percent think it is not so likely (22 percent) or not likely at all (21 percent).

The Left sure milked that successfully. They blew it up and now people fear it, but not the carnage by the 120 days of rioting by violent communists after George Floyd died. It will make Merrick Garland’s job attacking mainstream conservatives for alleged domestic terrorism much easier.

Democrats support the investigation 83 – 15 percent, independents support it 65 – 30 percent, while Republicans oppose it 60 – 36 percent.

Don’t they realize it’s a sham, only focused on political opponents? The lying media has been successful in presenting fake news.


Americans give President Joe Biden a negative 33 – 53 percent job approval rating, while 13 percent did not offer an opinion. In November 2021, Americans gave Biden a negative 36 – 53 percent job approval rating with 10 percent not offering an opinion.

Among Democrats in today’s poll, 75 percent approve, 14 percent disapprove and 11 percent did not offer an opinion.

Among Democrats in November’s poll, 87 percent approved, 7 percent disapproved and 6 percent did not offer an opinion.

Democrats are truly Ds forever no matter what.


As President Biden marks his first year in the Oval Office, 50 percent of Americans say the job he is doing is about what they expected, 39 percent say he’s doing a worse job than expected, and 7 percent say he’s doing a better job than expected.

A plurality, 49 percent, say Biden is doing more to divide the country while 42 percent say he’s doing more to unite the country.

Roughly 4 in 10 Americans (41 percent) think Biden is too liberal, 38 percent say he’s about right, 9 percent say he’s too conservative, and 12 percent did not offer an opinion.

He’s not liberal. He’s a communist enabler.


A majority of Americans, 54 percent, think the nation’s economy is getting worse, 30 percent say it’s staying about the same, and 15 percent say it’s getting better.

TRUMP IN 2024?

Nearly 6 in 10 Americans (59 – 33 percent) say they would not like to see Donald Trump run for president in 2024, similar to an October 19, 2021 survey.

In today’s survey, Republicans say 69 – 23 percent that they do want to see Trump run in 2024.

In October, Republicans said 78 – 16 percent that they wanted to see Trump run in 2024.

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1 year ago

The leftists think “democracy” will collapse if the GOP prevails. The conservatives KNOW that the constitutional Republic will collapse if the Democrat Party of Marxists/socialists/communists get their wishes for totally open borders, federalized national elections, end of filibuster, end of electoral college, et al.

If the D’s prevail, it will be mob rule from then on. That is why it is crucial that conservatives band together and VOTE AGAINST EVERY DEMOCRAT ON EVERY TICKET FOR GOVERNMENTAL POSITIONS AT EVERY LEVEL!!!

Vote the scumbags out of office before it is too late to cast a meaningful vote!!!!

1 year ago

I’m surprised that his approval ratings are that high.

We Will Build the Phoenix Republic
We Will Build the Phoenix Republic
1 year ago

So sick of this democracy horsesh1t.
Athenian democracy is always a disaster.
Representative Constitutional Republic or GTFO.
Blame Trump all you want CPUSA true believers but your man will be the face of the collapse of a system that worked fine for almost 250 years but that is a feature and not a bug to them.