Updated List of What Is In Dems’ Two Major Voting ‘Rights’ Bill


This is the updated list of what’s in the HR1-Freedom to Vote Act. It has been modified from the original.

  • Prohibit states from requiring an excuse to vote absentee.
  • Require states to allow voters to apply for an absentee ballot online.
  • Prohibit states from requiring absentee ballots to be notarized or have witness signatures.
  • Require states to allow people to register to vote on Election Day.
  • Require states to allow people to register to vote online.
  • Make Election Day a national holiday.
  • Make it illegal to intentionally deceive voters or mislead them into not voting.
  • Restore the right to vote to people who have been convicted of a felony but are no longer in prison (including those on parole and probation).
  • Require “dark money” groups to disclose their donors.
  • Create disclosure requirements for political ads on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Provide funding for states to upgrade their election infrastructure.
  • Establish federal standards for election equipment.
  • Count all absentee ballots postmarked by Election Day and received within 7 days.
  • Require states to offer 15 consecutive days of early voting.
  • Require polling places to keep waits under 30 minutes …and prohibit banning giving food and water to voters waiting in line.
  • Require states that mandate voter IDs to accept a broad and uniform range of both photo and non-photo IDs.
  • Require states to offer automatic voter registration at the department of motor vehicles.
  • Restrict states’ ability to purge voters from the rolls.
  • Allow states to choose whether to implement public funding for House campaigns by matching every dollar a candidate raises from small donors with $6 from the government.
  • Establish specific redistricting criteria for fair maps.
  • Allow election officials to sue if they are undeservedly removed from office.
  • Increase protection against intimidating election workers.
  • Increase the penalties for tampering with voting records.
  • Require more records to be preserved after the election.
  • Allow voters to sue if their vote is not counted.


Then there is the dishonestly named, the

John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act

It nationalizes the vote and allows Merrick Garland to decide all congressional districts in the country. They can forever alter districts to be governed by Democrats in perpetuity.

It will abolish voter ID and all those millions of people who poured in can vote since they will all be registered the same day.

To top it all off they will expand a nonpartisan body, The Federal Elections Commission, with 3 Dems and 3 GOP, to 7 members with an extra Democrat the President chooses, making it a rubber stamp for the Democrat Party.

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