Chamber of Commerce Wants to Keep the Foreign Workers Coming


While we have millions pouring into the country illegally and are losing our identity, Chamber of Commerce CEO Suzanne Clark called for doubling legal immigration.

Solving the worker shortage must be the job. 1, according to the CEO.

“So, who wants to put their talent to work and pursue their dreams in a dynamic economy flush with opportunity? Immigrants of every skill level. Where are they going to go? The U.S. or Canada? Let’s make it Austin or Boston, Atlanta or Denver, or any of the countless U.S. destinations in search of top talent,” she said during her keynote address on the state of American business.

“We must double the number of people legally immigrating to the U.S. And we must create a permanent solution for the “dreamers”—those young men and women who know no other home and who contribute to their communities, but whose legal status is in limbo,” she concluded.

In other words, she wants lawbreakers to have citizenship. Another precedent set.

She believes that we have a worker shortage crisis that needs to be filled. However, we have 12 million out of work who are already here.

We have a worker shortage and a shortage of jobs at the same time. It’s a complex problem she’s trying to simplify so she can keep getting cheap labor pouring into the country.

She has a vision and it’s to get cheap labor into the country and call it competition, innovation, and diversity. She’s a globalist with little regard for our national integrity.

What she proposes in general is a mixed bag, however.

She loved the pathetic $1.2T ‘infrastructure’ bill, but is opposed to the Build Back Better bill. She erroneously seemed to think inflation was transitory and the Feds did a good job.

She is leading the Chamber’s opposition to the voting rights bills.

“Democrats say the bill, which updates voting procedures and requires states to turn over the redrawing of congressional district lines to independent commissions, is needed to overcome Republican efforts to make voting across the country harder,” Reuters reports.

That is untrue.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce said it wants more people brought into the political process but that the bill would have “precisely the opposite effect – pushing certain voices, representing large segments of the electorate and U.S. economy, out of the political process altogether.”

The Chamber, in a letter to senators, said the legislation would “regulate and ultimately silence Americans who choose to petition their government or participate in the political process through the collective action of an association or corporation.”

The Chamber is with us on some issues but they will never be out friends or terribly American.

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Trucker Carlsen
Trucker Carlsen
1 year ago

EBT cards aren’t that hard to come by, no need to dream.
There is a place on the CPUSA plantation for you comrade and momygov loves you, if you vote properly.
Where will you go after you recreate the glorious homeland in North Mexico or the former USA?
No go out and get in the face of those whitey cracka American kulak scum, yes we can!