Americans, watch your replacements from 160 countries walk in


Where are the politicians who are supposed to protect this country and why isn’t Joe Biden under arrest? Every day, Border Patrol opens the gate and lets all these anonymous people stroll through. Many of the illegals are fighting-age young men who could easily become the new Antifa and BLM brownshirts.

They are here to replace Americans. Where is the outrage? Where are the Republicans? Are there NO Democrats who care about this country?

Are they just opening the gates each morning and letting in more to satisfy some sort of quota when they come up short with the night before?

We don’t want those photos of bloated bodies in the Texas heat that Red has to Circle Back to the next day when more bloated bodies are found?

Is it not bad enough with the gate closed but sure let’s open the gate so we can get a few more thousand in before supper?

This is as Democrats are waging war against white Christians and Jews.

Why isn’t Governor Abbott shutting it all down?

Watch with horror as the people replacing you march into the country illegally.

There is no one guarding the detention centers and these people can just walk out once they get there.

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