Professor on journalism: Journalism is “raw advocacy”


In an article on his blog, Professor Jonathan Turley writes that Hannah-Jones [author of the fake 1619 history] told CBS News that journalists now have set aside notions of neutrality. She noted:

“When you look at the model of The Washington Post, right? ‘Democracy dies in darkness,’ that’s not a neutral position. But our methods of reporting have to be objective. We have to try to be fair and accurate. And I don’t know how you can be fair and accurate if you pretend publicly that you have no feelings about something that you clearly do.”

Perhaps that’s why it’s so easy for her to write and stick with a fake US history that damages the country.

Reporters now claim greater and greater license to frame news to illustrate the truth as they see it. They insist that they have to tell the truth about society and politics as they see it. Hannah-Jones is a great example of how this new journalism quickly becomes raw advocacy, Turley writes.


We have been discussing how writerseditorscommentators, and academics have embraced rising calls for censorship and speech controls, including President-elect Joe Biden and his key advisers. Even journalists are leading attacks on free speech and the free press. Bias is now treated as something that is natural and motivating. Recently, Lauren Wolfe, the recently fired freelance editor for the New York Times, has not only gone public to defend her pro-Biden tweet but published a piece titled “I’m a Biased Journalist and I’m Okay With That.” 

Hannah-Jones will now teach the same biased approach to journalism to students at Howard University.

Where are the voices of opposition to this threat to our Republic?

Without a free press, we cannot survive, and we don’t have a free press, just a biased, dishonest one. We cannot believe anything we read or hear in the media and the newspapers. They are spreading propaganda, lying, misportraying, and conveying their agenda without an anchor in honesty and professionalism as they censor opposing opinions.

What’s worse, they’re okay with that. They don’t care what you think or how low their ratings go. It’s worth it to them to push their agenda. Once six entities took control over most networks, this was inevitable. When Jeff Bezos was allowed to buy The Washington Post and George Soros was allowed to take an interest in dozens of newspapers, the end was predictable.

It’s one more blow to freedom.

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