Americans Who Embrace the Terror Group of Hamas


The Ford Foundation is a beacon for leftist revolutionaries and anti-Jewish terrorists. It was never founded to be that. Henry Ford wanted to dodge crippling inheritance taxes. It’s in the top five richest foundations, and it’s supporting communists and radical Islamists. Funds are divisive by design and have effectively divided black and other minority communities from the Left’s enemies.

There is no need to mention the damage George Soros has inflicted on the nation. There are many others.


The Washington Post has taken a liking to Hamas and other Jew killers. They are Hamas worshippers. The daring hostage rescue by Israel became an indictment against Israel in WaPo.

They are propagandists for the terror organization Hamas, just as they spread propaganda against Saudi Arabia with their occasional editorials by propagandist Jamal Khashoggi, who was trying to overturn the monarchy.

CNN is another media outlet in love with Hamas. Check out these two headlines:

“Israel alleges journalist held hostages in Gaza, without providing evidence.

“Yesterday marked Gaza’s deadliest day in 6 months, Palestinian health ministry says.”

The “Palestinian health ministry” is Hamas, and even the United Nations is walking back its body counts. Also, a journalist did hold hostages in Gaza. He had Noa Argamani in custody. Reports leaking out say the rescued hostages were beaten every day and terrorized non-stop.

Democrats and their Left-wing media love a terror group. According to a recent poll, 61% of Jewish people will vote for Biden, and 28% will vote for Trump. There is no saving some people – if the poll is accurate. They must believe Biden when he says he supports them and then stabs Israel in the back while pretending it’s only Netanyahu he doesn’t like

Regardless of feelings about Jewish people, think about support for a terror group. These losers support a terror group that also hates Americans!

Every day, the radical Democrats are in the streets, parks, outside homes, even the White House, screaming, “Kill the Jews,” Kill the Zionists,” and “Long Live October 7.” They are Nazis, and all we get is MEH.

No one was arrested outside the White House, where they assaulted law enforcement and a park ranger.

The rise of the violent Left is far worse than anything we see from the right. And I can make a good case for Nazis being leftists.

Murmuring Biden and whoever handles him calls the GOP the KKK. This is from the segregationist buffoon who said Romney would put people back in chains and once raged against black people.

The elderly demagogue constantly railing against the right allows antisemitism to fester and grow on the Left as he pretends Donald Trump is the problem.

We, too, could be Pakistan.

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