Ami Horowitz Asks White & Black People Why Blacks Have an Obesity Problem


Americans weigh too much because they eat too much. That is a fact. It is also a fact that the obesity problem among Blacks is worse than among Whites. Ami Horowitz asked White Americans why Black people have a problem and they blamed it on racism.

While there are some Black people playing up the racism angle, the sane answers came in when he asked Black people why there is an obesity problem.

By the way, it’s racist to think Black people aren’t capable of handling their own weight problems.




  1. The ELMO (Eat Less Move Often) Diet works 100% of the time but when you have been told that someone else is responsible for all of your problems for decades, these things happen.
    At the I’d buy that for a dollar store and other Pik-N-Paks you can see the absolute junk food that comrades of all stripes and colors are buying then you realize why people can’t think straight and are easily led around by power mad totalitarian Bolsheviks.
    Deep fried, carbs, glutens, sugars, processed mystery meat, fructose corn syrup soda pop, sports drinks that are even worse than the cola drinks for sugar and carbs, Frankenfoods, are the recipe for obesity and it is next to impossible to lose weight eating these comfort foods.

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