University Marxists Want to Make Thanksgiving a Day of Mourning


The communists trying to destroy America also try to destroy every holiday or at least make them as miserable as possible. They hate Thanksgiving and it is upon us.

Thanksgiving is about thanking God and family for our many blessings. That doesn’t sit well with the Left. They want it to be a day of mourning because of a past we did not create.

Every year at Thanksgiving, the hate America crowd demonizes the holiday. They want us all to believe that Thanksgiving was a time when the Pilgrims assassinated the kindly, innocent Indians and rejoiced over it with a big meal. The far-left wants their “truth” to be taught.


Several American universities are participating in an event asking whether Americans should “reconsider” the Thanksgiving holiday.

The alumni associations of the University of Maryland, Florida Gulf Coast University, Washington State University, University of Central Arkansas, Hiram College in Ohio, and California State University, Long Beach are participating.

According to the event description, the recent national shift from Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day “reflects a changing national mood,” and asks if Americans should do the same with Thanksgiving.

Indigenous is used instead of Native American to include every person who lives in Mexico, Central America, and South America. The Left likes to pretend every person south of the border is more indigenous than people born here or naturalized.

“Starting in 1970, many Americans, led by Indigenous protesters, believed that Thanksgiving should be rededicated as a National Day of Mourning to reflect the centuries-long displacement and persecution of Native Americans. The recent shift from Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day reflects a changing national mood,” the event description states. “Should Americans reconsider Thanksgiving when wrestling with our country’s complicated past?”

The Left is a collective of angry miserable people who won’t allow Americans to enjoy a single holiday. Everything is about revisiting the past and dwelling in the misery of hatred of America. Once they tear down our holidays, they will ‘build it back better’ with communism and bizarre anti-heroes to worship.

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they just wanted to be left alone
they just wanted to be left alone
2 years ago

I wonder what Doogle will have for their cutesy home page logo on Thanksgiving, surely something anti-American and miserable.
Go be unhappy forever in the detached from reality Marxist U. world and leave the rest of us alone.
I know it is too much to ask from the comrades but one can dream and dreams are free.
Delusional dreams of some egalitarian man made utopia makes these things happen.